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          Yin Science & Technology Co.,Ltd already build up world No.1 automated cutting system's production base in China which can produce 600 set CAM/CAS annually, Now our annual sales already dominated world No. 1. The last 3 years, our average sales increase rate already above 100% continuously. We have already dominated above 70% market share in China. Yin Science & Technology establish a world wide sales network gradually, our products already sold to Japan, Germany, South-East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe, America, etc. We set up branches at Japan and Germany.
            High accuracy, multi-functional cutting system which is especially designed for a small quantity and customized production. The available cutting width is 0.9m or 1.6m, and 6 specification of the cutting length are available and can be customized by clients' requirement, which can meet different requirements for cutting workshop.
            High accuracy, multi-functional cutting system produced specially for big volume cutting, suitable for cut knifing, weaving, coating and other variety fabrics.
Servo driver improves accuracy and stability of machine operation;
Gear-belt encoder system controls the spreading length and ensures the accuracy of the spreading length;
Illuminated touch screen operation panel makes operation easier;
Tension free spreading by means of cradle feed system with a wide rang of conversion belt;
Feeding fabric with vibration, no pulling, by means of outspreading system;
Photocell induction, control edge to align automatically; stop automatically at the end of fabric;
With zig-zag spreading device;
Automatic grinding function;
Program controls the spreading width, layer and tension of the spreading;
Cradle can lean to the smallest angle so as to install and uninstall the fabric roll conveniently;
Fabric pre-loosing function;
When it stops in emergence, there is no pulling of spreading fabric.
Cloth can spread between any two points on the control panel.
             YinCAD system is suitable for apparel, car, airplane, bag, shoes & hat, furniture industry etc. which supplies the complete solution for pattern designing, grading, automatic marker making, spread and cut planning
             Applied to clothing, bags, shoes, hats, car interiors and other industries. CUTMAX R2 Double leather cutting machine, suitable for leather, synthetic materials' automated cutting; Yin group is committed to providing comprehensive leather cutting solutions.
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